Heartsong is a beautiful creation full of Divine Love from Shimara Kumara

All the sacred products you will find here come from the heart of a radiant lightworker of 40 years Divine service work. These tools of light are co-created by Shimara and the Ascended realms of Masters and Angels. All of these Divine Gifts are given to raise consciousness, bring peace, joy and healing into our lives. 

As the founder of the Eternal Light System of Divine Healing Energies, Shimara has the sacred ability to bring through the highest frequencies and anchor them into all of these transformational tools of light and beauty.

Flower & Gem Essences

Transforming through all dimensions, emotional, mental and spiritual. Shimara’s unique range includes Bach Flower Remedies, Inner Child Essences, Light Body Essences and the new range of New Zealand Bush Essences.

Energy DOTs

Energy dots are powerful tools to help us stay in a clear space in an increasingly harmful electronic computerised environment. EVERYONE NEEDS THESE TOOLS. These are produced by a wonderful team of lightworkers and made here in England. Shimara recommends these heartily as she was unable to work at a computer for more than an hour or use a mobile phone without getting severe pains or tiredness. After trying several other brands, these were the only ones that worked for her, so including these is a must to help us all stay healthy.

Guided Meditation CDs

Shimara’s greatest joy is to see the spiritual transformation in all those using her Guided Meditation CDs. Feel the presence of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms who bring the highest frequencies of healing through, during the studio recordings. These radiant beings of light and Divine Love have promised to assist all who use these CDs. This assists the process of raising our vibrational frequency to experience more peace, joy and love in life.

Sacred Aura Sprays

The sacred aura sprays are extremely powerful, smell divinely gorgeous, can make great positive changes in life – each with its own divine blueprint, purifying, transforming, grounding and Mother Earth connection, developing unconditional love and strengthening the whole auric field.

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