Healing the Inner Child



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Healing the Inner Child

The Inner Child Meditation is a very powerful tool to help you with the healing process. This CD includes two guided meditations, again with beautiful background music to help you relax and go deeply into the process.

On Track 1 there is a meditation to help release any patterns developed before the age of 7 from the parents, which no longer serve your Highest Divine Good. It is generally recognised that by the age of seven the personality has become defined and future behavioural patterns established.
On Track 2 there is another powerful meditation process to help release trauma from any time during childhood. Be prepared for deep healing experiences with both, as the Healing Angels work with you to release and clear, facilitating more joy and love in your life. Please work with both meditations as often as you feel you need to, as each time other aspects may come into your consciousness to be released into the light.

Track 1:
Healing patterns developed in childhood, healing mother/father issues

Track 2:
Shock/trauma release and soul retrieval with the Angels of the Akashic Records

This powerful CD with healing exercises and meditation may be used alone, or in conjunction with the Inner Child Essences and Inner Child Cards.

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