Bach Flower Box

40 LARGE 30ml bottles, including wooden box



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I remember a very difficult period in my life many years ago when I received the Bach Flower Essences for the first time – they had been mixed specially for me. I really didn’t know how to go forward with the adversities and what to do next in my life and where to turn to. After taking the essences for a few days I noticed I had become calmer. My problems hadn’t disappeared, but I had this distance and detachment as if I was watching my life as a drama play on stage… waiting with tranquility for the unraveling to take place. This distancing helped me a great deal to take away the heaviness and the deep sorrow I had been feeling and to make decisions with a clearer head.’
Ruza J. Croatia

We are honoured to continue the work of Dr. Edward Bach, in his spirit of love and dedication, according to his wishes. To this end these essences are hand-made with love according to the original instructions of Dr. Bach; the only difference being that we use a very pure organic alcohol as the preservative (i.e. not sprayed with artificial chemicals/weed-killers/fertilisers) and, due to changes in peoples tastes over the years, slightly less alcohol content. The amount is still, however, more than enough to maintain the purity and energy of the essences, kept in the right conditions, for over twenty years. All stock bottles are made up to DR. BACH’S ORIGINAL STOCK CONCENTRATE LEVEL – they are not any other kind of dilutions.


All 38 Essences are available individually, or as a boxed set of 40 including two ‘Emergency-Rescue’ Combinations, in a sturdy hand-made wooden practitioner box with chemical-free glue.

Weight 7 kg

Bach Flower Dosage Instructions

For a combination dosage bottle, several Essences may be mixed together, up to a maximum of 6 or 7, and taken in several ways. Place 2 drops of each chosen Essence in a clean glass dropper bottle with still spring water and a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative. If Emergency is included, count as one Essence, but use four drops instead of two. Then take 4 drops from your dosage bottle 6-8 times a day until patterns have been rebalanced and one is feeling much more positive. The time scale for this is different for everyone. A small child may only need Essences for 2-3 weeks, whereas, if someone is older and has been in the negative state all their life, while they may feel great improvement after 2-3 weeks, it may take several more weeks to fully complete the process.

In this case, when improvement is noticed after a few weeks and one then stops taking the Essences, the state may return if it has not been released from all levels of consciousness. It is then necessary to continue, knowing that this was an appropriate combination. Consistency is the key. The more frequently the essences are taken, the sooner they work. Essences may also be taken direct from the stock bottle, or 2-4 drops in a glass of water, juice or tea and sipped frequently. 4 or 5 drops from each chosen stock bottle (or 15-20 drops from a dosage bottle) in a 500ml water bottle for the day, is easy for many.

Essences are best taken away from food if possible. When taking the Essences it is best to affirm the positive qualities. While the patterns themselves have not changed since Dr. Bach’s day, due to the expansion of consciousness on the planet and the faster clearing process we are all now moving through, we and many others have observed repeatedly that taking drops directly from stock bottles will speed up the process by about 50%. However, diluting to a treatment bottle is more economical and is fine, as long as the combination is taken regularly, at least 6–8 times a day. Many also feel that putting 7 drops from each stock bottle into a dosage bottle, rather than the 2 drops traditionally, makes for a deeper acting combination. Follow what you feel is best.

Essences do not replace medical attention which should be called for when necessary.

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