Body and Soul Healing



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Body and Soul Healing

For the first time ever in mankind’s history, we have been given a Divine Dispensation. Mother/Father God has given permission for the Angels of the Akashic Records to perform a unique service to mankind. These Angels are now able to release and clear from the akashic records of our soul any mis-qualified thought patterns, emotional imbalances which we are prepared to honour, embrace and love free. Before, these energies would continue to linger in our consciousness and affect our behaviour. This will now, effectively, transmute karmic and other memories that no longer serve our Highest Divine Good and speed up our healing process.

Track 1:
Powerful multi-dimensional healing, releasing and clearing blocked energy, pain & trauma from the physical body, working with the Angels of Healing and Akashic Records. A unique new process.

Track 2:
Releasing blocks and healing the mind and emotions of imbalances & negativity, which can also be the cause of physical problems. Clearing the subtle bodies & karmic patterns with the Angels of the Akashic Records.

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