Meditation for Children



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Meditation for Children

By encouraging children to learn to meditate, we are helping them to develop more spiritual awareness, which will help them in the future to become the new guardians of Mother Earth.

  • These are guided meditations taking one on an inner journey: This helps to develop imagination and creative skills ~ the ability to focus the mind, concentrate and visualise.
  • They are also helping the child to create a Sacred Inner Space where they can go to receive great peace, love, joy and communion with their spirit and the Angelic Realms.
  • This will all help to develop a more peaceful, loving personality, with less fears, as they develop these special skills which, at the moment, are not taught at school.

These short meditations are suitable for babies and children of all ages 0 – 90.

The Rainbow Fairies
Walking through a beautiful garden we meet the fairy kingdom who lead us to a beautiful rainbow which fills us with colour. Good for connecting with the nature kingdom and for learning to visualise colours.

The Princess of Peace
Drifting down on a beautiful white cloud comes the Princess of Peace. A beautiful radiant Divine Mother presence who helps to develop Unconditional Love.

The Angels of Sleep
These radiant beings surround your bed and help you to drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep, full of golden dreams.Ideal for getting babies and young children off to sleep peacefully!

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