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Tired of bedtime battles or just generally tired? Whether it’s unsettled kids, work stress or health problems keeping you up, energydots can offer natural sleep aids for baby and you. Find deeper, more fulfilling sleep with our range of DOTs, and feel more energised in the daytime as a result. Take a look at our labelled bedroom to find out how you can best equip your sleeping space to improve sleep quality.

A major obstacle to getting a good night’s sleep is the high level of radiation we now live around. Wi-Fi, phones and computers all emit EMF radiation constantly, which can stimulate us and interfere with sleep quality.  Switch off from mobile and gaming devices with sleepDOT and rest easy knowing that 10% of all sleepDOT proceeds go to youth homeless charity, Centrepoint, who help 10,000 young people each year.

We all know sleep is a powerful tool, playing an integral role in our physical and mental health. But in today’s “always on” world, we are constantly connected to mobiles, laptops and more, all of which may be interfering with our ability to get a good night’s sleep.

To combat this, we have created sleepDOT, a natural sleep aid which encourages us to retune and rebalance. sleepDOT emits a specific mix of soothing vibrations, which slow our daytime brain waves down to the much-needed sleep frequencies.

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