The New Merkaba Meditation



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‘Your beautiful merkabar meditation healed my limping leg after an accident 30 years ago. Awesome miracle.’
Diane B. Lancs

The New Merkaba Meditation

What is the Merkaba field?

Often called the Light Body, it is the spiritualised auric field. When all chakras and the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies are cleared and purified of blockages, our highest energies and consciousness start to be activated. This opens chakra points in our Light Body helping to activate the Merkaba. This is part of our Ascension Process in bringing Heaven to Earth.

  • Return of a Sacred Ancient Breathing Process
  • Working with the energies of the Angels and Archangels
  • Releasing blockages, purifying, balancing and opening all Chakras, Subtle Bodies and the Light Body Field.
  • Helps to heal and energise the physical body
  • Helps with grounding, being focused and centred
  • Sends healing energy to Mother Earth
  • Gives greater contact with your Higher Self (I AM Presence) for more inner guidance and deep feelings of peace
  • Strengthens the Auric Field, giving powerful protection
  • Helps activate the Merkaba Field and spiritualises all dimensions
  • Become a co-creator with Mother-Father God and help create Heaven on Earth
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